ECAR Membership Requirements

Being a member of the ECAR (Erie County ARES RACES) group is unlike being a member of any other group. ECAR is not a social group. There is training that has to be taken. This includes but is not limited to knowledge in proper net procedure, radio procedure and adherence to net controls instructions. Many groups are requiring a background check in addition to a physical as some of the criteria to volunteer to work for that group.

To join ECAR you must hold a minmum of a Technician class license. Your address must be current in the FCC database,(which we use to contact operators by mail). You must be an Erie county resident.

Upon joining you will be required to participate in one public service event for the current year. To remain a member of ARES you must have participated as a radio operator in at lease one public service event or call-up in the previous year.

To remain a member of RACES you must meet the requirements for ARES as well as attend at least one class room training session per year.

ECAR Application

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