Southgate ARC

  • The worst week for two, maybe three years. What more can I say, repeat of last week W1AW still going strong and V5/DJ7JC (Namibia) in on Monday and Tuesday

  • Ofcom has published a Call for Inputs to help inform its understanding of the actions required to ensure that the UK takes a leading role in the emerging Internet of Things (IoT). This could mean using Amateur and Amateur Satellite Service spectrum

  • Monday, July 21, saw the 7th Amateur Radio Skills Night run by the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society (CARS), at the Village Hall in Danbury

  • Once again the Mid Ulster Amateur Radio Club will be activating 'Coney Island' in Lough Neagh, Northern Ireland, this weekend

  • Richard G3CWI has visited nearly 40 radio clubs in the last 18 months. He has noticed that clubs seem to be at their best when they have a project to do

  • On Monday, 100 year old amateur radio operator Ken Pollard W1RPK of Windsor, Vermont became a Silent Key


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